Hello, my name is Polina and I provide creative, candid, and modern wedding photography services throughout Poland, including cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Zakopane.

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer in Poland, you want to be sure that your photographer will take care of all the details. I will make sure I capture every moment from ceremony to reception and everything in between. My knowledge of the area will help you find beautiful locations for photos, as well as ensure we get the best light for each shot.

Polina is an exceptional photographer. Her keen eye for detail and ability to capture candid moments is truly impressive. We were thrilled with the stunning photos she delivered, which perfectly encapsulated the essence of our event.

Capture Your Big Day Beautifully

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Are you in need of two experienced photographers for your wedding day?

I can arrange for a second photographer to ensure that every detail of your wedding is captured and nothing is missed. I have worked in this industry for seven years and have established strong connections with top specialists. I take full responsibility for the quality of my work, as it is associated with my name.

As your wedding photographer in Poland I will also be able to capture the vibrancy of your big day

  • beautiful decorations and stunning dresses
    I will make sure that every detail is captured in its best light
  • group shots
    I will help you create gorgeous group shots with your family and friends
  • special moments
    As well as taking creative shots of special moments throughout the day I'm experienced in catching those candid

How else experienced photographer can be useful if you plan your wedding in Poland?

I can assist with planning the ideal timeline for your wedding day. This includes selecting the optimal time for photos and providing guidance on the location. I will be present to ensure that all aspects run seamlessly. I am familiar with local regulations and proficient in the Polish language, which allows me to provide easy assistance in unforeseen circumstances.

Get in touch using the contact form below and I’ll tailor a custom wedding collection to your budget.
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